Thanks to image-processing and artificial intelligence, we guide you to the correct electrode's placement by showing you your own chest picture with virtual marks placed where you should stick the electrodes.


  • 117 x 133 x 44 mm
  • 31 x 43 mm electrodes


  • 196 grams


  • 1 lithium rechargeable battery (included)
  • 24 hours continuous operating time
  • 6 times per month typical use


  • Red Urgent Help Required: You need to seek immediate medical attention with the help of 911 to properly manage your problem " remember to show them your D-Heart ECG
  • Orange Seek Medical Attention: You need to perform other cardiac tests within 2-3 hours in order to better define your problem " 911 can help you, remember to show them your ECG
  • Yellow Visit your trusted doctor: Visit your trusted physician tomorrow. Evaluate with him the possibility of performing further testing if judged to be appropriate " Remember to show him your D-Heart ECG
  • Green In the absence of symptoms everything is normal: Keep calm and reassure yourself. An expert cardiologist has evaluated your tracing and judged it to be normal " remember to show your trusted physician your D-Heart ECG

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