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TENStem Eco Basic

TENStem eco basic offers a great diversity of programs for an easy selection of the treatment parameters. The TENStem eco basic includes 12 pre-set programs such as burst, frequency modulation, muscle stimulation, dynamic stimulation, HAN stimulation.

The TENStem eco basic also offers 4 free programs for own settings. The latest program P16 now offers the possibility of stimulating with monophasic current. P16 is suitable for iontophoresis treatment.

TENStem eco basic is ideal for home treatment pain management. It is a valuable TENS unit which offers many features at a very reasonable price.

TENS Eco 2

The great diversity of programs offers easy selection of the treatment parameters. The TENS eco 2 includes 12 pre-set programs such as burst, frequency modulation, muscle stimulation, dynamic stimulation, HAN stimulation. The TENS eco 2 combines high quality pain relief with modern and friendly design.

Integrated rechargeable battery

The TENS eco 2 works with an integrated rechargeable battery which reduces the long time cost for batteries for both patients and therapists.


The intensity of TENS eco 2 can be raised in steps of 0.5 mA in order to garantee a comfortable stimulation for the patient.


The parameters of each program are displayed on the upper left corner of the TENS eco 2 for a more convenient program selection.


The XTR2 is a TENS/EMS combination unit specially designed for atheletes.

It includes 30 programs divided in the following categories:

  • Recovery
  • Relaxation
  • Pain therapy
  • Sport
  • Rehabilitation
  • Capillarisation
  • Fitness
  • Aesthetics

The XTR2 is the newest muscle stimulation in the schwa-medico range. It combines high quality stimulation with modern and friendly design.

The XTR2 works with an integrated rechargeable battery which reduces the long time cost for batteries for both patients and therapists.


The EMP 2 PRO is a proved and tested stimulator in the schwa-medico range. The unit has a new case since 2012 and now works with an integrated rechargeable battery. With its new design and the latest treatment techniques you can treat pain and do muscle stimulation. The EMP2 pro belongs to the highest standard of portable electrotherapy devices. The EMP 2 pro has an edit mode to make 20 of your own programs.

The EMP2 pro offers the following extra features:

  • TENS low frequency
  • TENS high frequency
  • TENS burst
  • TENS modulation
  • Muscle stimulation
  • Sequential programs
  • Integrated AKS (skin protection circuit control)


The EMP4 ECO + is a 2x2 channels electro-stimulator. It offers the advantage of a 4 channels unit (stimulation with up to 8 electrodes) in a small case. It includes 25 pre-set programs allowing various stimulation possibilities:

  • Pain relief treatment
  • Stimulation for muscle strengthening
  • Stimulation for muscle atrophy
  • Dynamic stimulation for relaxation
  • Incontinence treatment
  • Combination between pain treatment and muscle stimulation

The EMP4 ECO + further includes 20 free programs for saving own parameters. The EMP4 ECO +is dedicated to physiotherapists and medical professionals who mainly want to use electro-stimulation as a tool for pain relief treatment and rehabilitation. 

UROstim 2

About UroStim 2

Treatment with UROstim 2 significantly improves the strength of the pelvic floor muscles and sphincter muscles.

UROstim 2 includes 7 pre-set programs for each kind of patient:

  • Urge incontinence
  • Stress incontinence
  • Mixed incontinence
  • Anal incontinence
  • Sensitive program
  • Pain program
  • Acupuncture type stimulation (eg for tibialis posterior stimulation)


Orthogold100 is an easily applicable and transportable therapy system. It is available with three different applicators and covers a wide spectrum of orthopaedic indications ranging from heel spur to calcific tendinitis or myofascial trigger points.

Indications in orthopaedics

  • Impingement syndrome with or without tendinosis calcarea (calcifying tendinitis)
  • Epicondylitis humeri radialis and ulnaris
  • Plantar fasciitis & heel spur
  • Patella tendon syndrome
  • Pseudarthrosis in small bones (also infected and in the chronic state)
  • Achillodynia (painful heel syndrome)
  • Myofascial pain syndrome (treatment of trigger points)

Deep Oscillation Personal Pro | Physiomed

About Deep Oscillation Personal Pro

DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal is a Physiomed Medical Device designed for individual, mobile use. Battery operation and a handy size guarantee flexible use, both on the road and at home. The extensive indication list with helpful information and graphics additionally simplifies the application.

New feature in the Pro version: by individually setting the frequency, duty cycle and duration of therapy, deep oscillation can be adjusted exactly to the desired treatment.

DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal can also be used to read and retrieve program sequences previously written on the DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy card with the DEEP OSCILLATION® Evident unit.

PHYSIODYN Expert 3rd edition | Physiomed

About PHYSIODYN Expert 3rd edition

  • Perfected user guidance through combination of 7“ touch screen and PHYSIOMED one-button operation
  • Comprehensive overview of the therapy parameters including all therapy timers
  • Treatment index with extensive therapy and dosage suggestions, treatment pictures and intelligent filtering functions based on body region, desired therapy effect or per alphabet for quick location of the desired treatment proposal
  • Easy-to-use and extensive memory menu with cocktail and history function
  • Multifunctional intensity controls allowing for fast intensity reduction and quick switching between channels
  • Logical colour coding of electrotherapy and vacuum application accessories for quick and accurate allocation of channels and polarity
  • SD card for product updates

Deep Oscillation Evident Clinics | Physiomed

About Deep Oscillation

DEEP OSCILLATION® Evident allows you to begin treatment with maximum speed and ease: direct selection of deep oscillation parameters, over the indication index or program memory. During treatment you have a constant overview of all values and timers. With decades of proven use, the PHYSIOMED one-button operation allows fast intuitive operation in combination with the touch screen.

Deep oscillation characteristics can be adjusted precisely to the desired treatment over the individual setting of frequency (or frequency band), duty cycle, burst function and therapy duration. The extensive indication list with practical information, graphics, animations and patient database with ‘potpourri‘ function additionally ease use.